Office of the Chief Rabbi


  • Divrei Torah for the Seder Table

    Watch video of the Chief Rabbi’s Divrei Torah for the Seder Table here:
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    Sunday 30th March 2014 at King David School, Manchester

  • ‘Sunday’ interview with Edward Stourton

    Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis talks to Edward Stourton about his aims and the challenges ahead.… read more
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  • Purim Shiur 2014 – 5774

    Watch video of the Chief Rabbi’s Purim shiur here:
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  • Durham University hosts historic meeting between the Archbishop of York and the Chief Rabbi

    Last night Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and Archbishop of York John Sentamu met in Durham for the first time at the invitation of Durham University students to discuss interfaith in the 21st century. The CCJ will be facilitating and supporting… read more

  • The Chief Rabbi calls for a focus on Human Dignity

    Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis was invited to attend the World Economic Forum 2014 (WEF) which took place between 23-25 January in Davos, Switzerland. The focus of this year’s annual gathering of world leaders from across politics, economics and civil society… read more

  • Thought for the Day

    Listen to the Chief Rabbi’s broadcast for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014.… read more

    Good morning.
    The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day this year is Journeys.
    On this, as on every Holocaust Memorial Day, I recall a journey undertaken by my

  • The Greatest Gift

    The children’s wait is now over. The presents have been given with thought and affection.
    Whilst most are enjoying their new gifts, many who were underwhelmed by the choices made by their loved ones have rushed to offload unwanted items… read more

  • A Torah Guide to Conflict Resolution – from Limmud Conference

    The Torah offers us lots of guidance for day to day living, but what does it say about managing conflict? In his second session at Limmud Conference 2013 The Chief Rabbi explores different models for handling challenging relationships.
    Watch The … read more

  • The Chief Rabbi addresses Limmud Conference – Lessons from Shemot

    Parshat Shemot, contains many lessons relevant for us today. In this session from Limmud Conference 2013 The Chief Rabbi explores some of its fascinating ideas.
    Watch The Chief Rabbi’s opening address from Limmud Conference 2013 here:… read more

  • Remembering Mandela

    The passing of Nelson Mandela has drawn my thoughts back to Cape Town, the city of my upbringing, a city where wealth glistened beside poverty and where liberty was manacled by the chains of separation and oppression.
    Whilst my father,… read more