Office of the Chief Rabbi


  • Remembering Mandela

    The world is sustained by three things: justice, truth and peace (Ethics of the Fathers 1:18)
    By upholding the values of justice, truth and peace, governments respect and protect the rights of their citizens, providing them with the means to… read more

  • Nelson Mandela 1918–2013

    Having been born and raised in South Africa, I am today mourning the death of Nelson Mandela, who has been an inspiration to me and countless others. A transformational figure who truly changed the world, Mandela proved that hope is… read more

  • Pause for Thought

    Listen to the Chief Rabbi’s Pause for Thought piece and interview on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show… read more

  • Chanukah Message 2013

    Watch the Chief Rabbi’s Chanukah message here… read more

  • WJR Annual Dinner 2013

    Watch The Chief Rabbi’s speech at the World Jewish Relief’s Annual Dinner 2013 here:… read more

  • Address to Manchester Community

    The Chief Rabbi delivered his first address, to the Manchester Community on Tuesday 19 November 2013, at King David High School. Watch the video here.… read more

  • Chanukah Shiur 2013 – 5774

    Watch video of the Chief Rabbi’s Chanukah shiur here.… read more

  • Yom Kippur 5774

    In my Installation sermon last week, I highlighted the importance of building communities and providing quality Jewish education for all in order to strengthen Jewish identity and increase Jewish pride.
    Our Patriarch Jacob saw pride in family, faith and tradition… read more

  • Who is a true friend of God?

    In my Installation Address earlier this week, I highlighted the importance of ahavat chinam, the natural, unquestioning love that we should have for others. We sometimes take this idea for granted, not fully appreciating just how tough a challenge it… read more