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  • Chief Rabbi’s article in the Guardian for Holocaust Memorial Day

    In the 70 years since the trauma of Auschwitz, what have we learned? Tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz–Birkenau. All these years after the uncovering of the greatest crime in human history, it seems that the… read more
  • Chief Rabbi’s article in the Jewish News for Holocaust Memorial Day

    How can anyone adequately respond to the brutal murder of six million people? It is impossible. In that case, if nothing we say will suffice, is the appropriate response simply silence? Did not Shimon ben Gamliel in Ethics of the… read more
  • Chief Rabbi’s response to comments made by Theresa May on antisemitism

    “I am pleased that the Home Secretary understands and appreciates the concerns of many within the Jewish community at these times of heightened tension.Whilst Britain is a tolerant and welcoming society, no place can consider itself immune, as Paris, Brussels… read more
  • Chief Rabbi to Attend Rally in Paris

    Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, will attend the March today and the memorial service at the Great Synagogue tonight in Paris at the invitation of the Chief Rabbi of France. The… read more
  • Chief Rabbi at the Limmud Conference 2014

    Chief Rabbi’s sessions at the Limmud Conference 2014 Lessons from the Parsha: Vayechi This shiur explores some of the key lessons the Portion of the Week provides for securing Jewish continuity in our times. Watch The Chief Rabbi’s first address read more
  • Chief Rabbi on the Peshawar Massacre

    “In common with the entire Jewish community, I was appalled and disgusted at the cruel murder by members of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan of 145 people on 16 December 2014 at the Army Public School in Peshawar. 132 of the Taliban’s victims… read more
  • Appointment of Get Case Worker for London Beth Din

    The London Beth Din, the Court of the Chief Rabbi, has appointed Joanne Greenaway, an arbitration lawyer with a major City law firm, to the newly created position of Case Worker to assist the Beth Din with managing divorce cases.… read more
  • Chief Rabbi on the Sydney Siege

    “When he welcomed Prime Minister David Cameron to Parliament House in Canberra in November, Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, said: “Long ago, Madam Speaker, Australians ceased to regard Britain as the mother country, but we are still family”. This genuine… read more
  • Chief Rabbi Mirvis returns from inaugural visit to Australia and New Zealand

    Chief Rabbi Ephraim and Rebbetzin Valerie Mirvis have returned from a very busy and highly rewarding official visit to Australia and New Zealand. For his first visit down-under, the Chief Rabbi was clear that his priority was to meet and… read more
  • Reflections on the Chief Rabbi’s Visit

    As published in The Australian Jewish News As Australia welcomes newly appointed Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Rabbi Yaakov Glasman reflects on rabbinic roles generally and that of the Chief Rabbi in particular. Australian Jewry is all the richer as we… read more